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We take the protection of personal data of our users very seriously and treat personal data according to the german and EU-wide legal data protection regulations and this privacy policy. If you have any questions about data protection on Skydinse, you can of course contact us at any time.

With the following data protection declaration we would like to clarify which types of personal data (hereinafter also referred to as "data") we process for which purposes and to what extent. The privacy policy applies to all processing of personal data carried out by us, both in the context of providing our services and on our websites as well as our video game offerings (Minecraft network) and our Discord server.

Status: September 06, 2023

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Supervisory authority

Supervisory authority responsible for us:

P.O. Box 20 04 44
40102 Düsseldorf

Telephone: 02 11/384 24-0
E-mail address:

Required data

Our services already collect some required data by just accessing them, which are important for the provision of our services.
The following required data is collected in this regard:

  • User IDs (Minecraft UUID, Xbox User ID, Discord User ID, etc.)
  • Names or usernames
  • IP address
  • Location information (e.g. time zone, to display the correct time)
  • Date and time at the time of access
  • The browser used
  • The client and the game version in Minecraft
  • The selected language in the Minecraft and Discord settings

Data collected through use

When actively using our services, additional data is collected, which is important for the proper experience. Some of these can also be disabled by the user.
The following data is automatically collected through the use of our services:

  • E-mail address
  • reported messages
  • In-game statistics as well as statistics on Discord (e.g. game duration, number of games played, number of games won, number of messages sent, time spent in voice channels, ...). These statistics can be deactivated as far as possible.

Additional data (e.g. date of birth, links to social media profiles) may be collected if the user decides to share them, for example by adding them to their in-game or website profile or when registering on our website. These can all be removed/deactivated later as well.

Purposes of data processing

Personal data may be used for the following purposes:

  • Collect anonymous analytics data and statistics (e.g. number of website visitors at different times, number of players in Minecraft at different times, percentage of access to our services from different regions/countries, ...).
  • Recruit the user as a registered member of our services (websites, Minecraft network, Discord server) to enable adding content on these services.
  • Use the e-mail address to inform about activities on our website.
  • Temporarily store the IP address when our services (Minecraft network, web pages) are accessed. The IP address is never publicly visible in this case.
  • Provision of specially created profiles of the users.
  • Confirmation e-mail when registering. Registration is completed only when the registration has been confirmed by clicking on the link contained therein.
  • Log files. Log files (logs) of various actions are stored on our servers in order to be able to get to the bottom of misconduct by users and to locate errors in our own systems. These log files are only stored temporarily.
  • Tracking of rule violations. Should our systems or a team member detect a violation of our rules, data such as game histories, chat messages, etc. may be collected for later sanctioning of the behavior.

Processing of chat messages

In direct exchanges between users within our Minecraft game modes, private and public messages can be sent. We take a number of security precautions to keep the exchange as pleasant as possible for all parties involved and free of inappropriate content. Before sending their first chat message, users are made aware of the processing of the content of their messages as described below.

Public messages are messages that are not directly addressed to a closed group and could theoretically be read by anyone in the same game or round. It is not necessary to use a specific command to send a public message; chat messages can simply be written freely in the chat.
The following points must be observed when communicating via public messages:

  • Text moderation: We use a filtering system developed and managed by ourselves, which is designed to recognize and block inappropriate text in chat messages. If a section of text in a public chat message is flagged as potentially inappropriate or even blocked, a notification is sent to our moderation team containing the sender's game name and the full message sent (the message was intended by the sender to be visible in a publicly viewable chat anyway). At the same time, the moderation team will be informed why the system deemed the message inappropriate.
    The sender of the corresponding chat message is not informed about the detection and automated reporting or blocking of their own message in order to prevent users with malicious intentions from finding out how they could circumvent ("trick") the system.
  • Links: Users can of course also send internet links within the text contained in their public message, for example to an explanatory video or an article on gaming or conversation-related topics. Unfortunately, it is impossible to compile a list of all trustworthy and dangerous URLs by hand. At the same time, there is of course always the risk that links to dangerous websites (e.g. a phishing site) or websites with pornographic content (these are prohibited according to our rules and are also considered inappropriate, as our games can also be used by minors) are included in messages sent. For these reasons, links in chat messages are automatically recognized and checked using various methods. These methods include comparison with already known links and checking the links using Google's Safe Browsing Lookup API (v4). This API interface can be used to check links for dangerous content such as phishing or viruses, whereby the link sent is exchanged with the relevant service provider (Google Ireland Limited). It is important to note that in this process (whether in a private or public message) only the link itself is shared with the service provider. The service provider does not receive any information about the rest of the message, the sender, the recipients or any other information relating to the message.
  • Reporting messages: If a user recognizes a breach of the rules in a public message, this message can be reported to our moderation team by the user with or without further explanation. In this case, the game name of the sender, the full content of the public message, the game name of the reporter and, if applicable, the reason for the report as well as some previous messages (to understand the context) will be forwarded to our moderation team. The time at which the forwarded messages were originally sent and the time of the report are also forwarded to the moderation team.
    A renewed and more critical review by our filter system mentioned above can also take place when a public message is reported.

Private messages are characterized by the fact that they are only addressed to a specific person (so-called MSGs) or to a closed group of people (for example in a party chat). Such private messages always require the use of a command to address only a specific person or group (the two most common commands are "/msg" and "/r" (or "/reply") for private chatting with a specific person and the command "/p" for chatting with other party members).
The following points should be noted when communicating via private messages:

  • Text moderation: As in public messages, the text contained in private messages is checked by our self-developed and managed filter system, which is designed to recognize and, if necessary, block inappropriate text in chat messages. If a message is deemed inappropriate, it will not be sent to the intended recipient(s). It will not be forwarded to our moderation team, as this is a private (and possibly very personal) exchange of messages.
  • Links: As already explained above in the area of public messages, the links sent in private messages are also checked for harmful and inappropriate content by comparing them with already known links and checking the links using the Safe Browsing Lookup API (v4) from Google of Google Ireland Limited. It is important to note that during this process (whether in a private or public message) only the link itself is shared with the service provider. The service provider does not receive any information about the rest of the message, the sender, the recipient(s) or any other information relating to the message.
  • Reporting messages: If a user recognizes a rule violation in a message that was only sent to him/her or a closed group, it is possible to report the corresponding message (with an optional reason). In this case, the game name of the sender, the full content of the private message, the game name of the reporter and, if applicable, the reason for the report will be forwarded to our moderation team. In contrast to public messages, only the reported message is forwarded in this case; previous messages are excluded from forwarding. The time at which the forwarded message was originally sent and the time of the message are also forwarded to the moderation team. 
    A renewed and more critical check by our filter system mentioned above can also be carried out when a private message is reported.

Secure storage of data

We strive to ensure that all information provided to us by our users is secure. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we have put in place appropriate measures and procedures to protect and secure the information we collect.
Since in the digital world, of course, no data set or system is 100% secure, we strive to anonymize our users' data as much as possible and to make it as difficult as possible to read or evaluate them in the event of data loss. In addition, we are of course aware of our responsibility to minimize the damage in the event of data loss and to inform all affected users as quickly as possible.


To protect data exchanged with our website, it is transmitted using SSL encryption. An encrypted connection can be recognized by the fact that the address in the address line of the browser begins with "https://" instead of "http://". In most modern browsers, this can also be recognized by the lock symbol or comparable symbols in the browser line.
Sensitive (login) data (e.g. passwords) are additionally stored in encrypted form. This means that even server administrators cannot read out the encrypted data of individual users.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that our websites can store on the end device of a user. They enable us to provide certain functions on our websites. These include functions such as logging in or saving certain settings.

External services and providers

We use external service providers and vendors to ensure the availability, functionality, stability and security of our services. Only the information necessary for the service is shared with these service providers (e.g. IP address).
List of service providers and suppliers concerned:

Rights of users

Users have the right to access their own personal data and to receive a copy of this data upon request. In addition, users have the right to request the deletion or (in the case of incorrectly entered information) the correction of their personal data.

In order to obtain a copy of their own data or to request the deletion or correction of their own data, users are encouraged to contact us.

Acceptance of this policy

We obtain users' consent to collect and process their data in accordance with this policy before they access our services in Minecraft and on Discord. Such consent is also obtained when registering on our websites.
Should a user nevertheless later decide against the processing of personal data, we ask that he or she no longer use our services. The deletion of personal data can be requested by the user contacting us by form or by e-mail.

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. In the event of a change, our users will be informed about it in a timely manner.